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Google’s Cookies Crumble

No more third-party cookies

What digital advertisers need to know about Google’s new approach to tracking and cookies

Starting January 4th, 2024 Google kicked off a trial run of something called Tracking Protection. It’s a neat little feature that puts a lid on cross-site tracking by slamming the door on third-party cookies by default. About 1% of Chrome users worldwide are getting a taste of this, and it’s all part of Google’s Privacy Sandbox master plan. They’re aiming to toss third-party cookies out the window for everyone by the latter half of 2024.

So-called “cookies” are those sneaky bits of code that have been hanging around the web for almost three decades. Sure, they’ve been keeping track of your customers’ online adventures, but they’ve also been lending a helping hand, like remembering your login info or serving up ads that actually interest you.

Third-party cookies ending but we have other ways to track customers

Understand that the demise of third-party cookies doesn’t mean the end of tracking altogether. Nope, Google may be waving goodbye to third-party cookies in Chrome, but there are plenty of other tools for digital tracking. Think local storage, Indexed DB, Web SQL—all fancy ways to stash data on your device. Plus, let’s not forget about Safari and Firefox—they’ve been giving third-party cookies the boot for ages, yet trackers keep finding new ways to “watch” potential customers.

Say hello to first-party data

First-party data is the new kid on the block. Collecting info straight from the source—your users—has become gold in a post-cookie world. Simple signup pages are popping up everywhere, snagging email addresses left and right. And with identity solutions in play, we’re bridging the gap between screens without relying on cookies.

CTV/OTT is where it’s at. With Connected TV (What we use to call a “Smart TV” with an internet connection.) booming, we’re diving into a world where cookies aren’t even a thing. It’s like a cookie-free paradise! These digital TV ads are more highly targeted to the customer you want to reach than old-school broadcast or even traditional Cable TV.

Identity graphs are the glue holding it all together. As browser IDs fade into the sunset, these bad boys are stepping up to the plate. By merging first-party data with licensed identity graphs, we’re painting a clearer picture of our audience, both online and off.

And let’s not forget about Google’s Privacy Sandbox. They’re rolling out some nifty alternatives to third-party cookies, like:

  • Ads that target groups without snooping on individual browsers.
  • Conversion measurements that don’t involve tracking users all over the web.
  • Fraud prevention measures to keep those pesky bots at bay.
  • Browser APIs that let websites gather user data without sacrificing privacy.

So, what’s the bottom line? We’re swapping out our old-school tracking pixels for something sleeker—the Universal Pixel. It’s powered by JavaScript and plays nice with Google’s new toys, so our behavioral targeting remains precise and effective.

Many digital ads are not affected by Google’s changes

And hey, if you’re wondering which of our digital advertising platforms are immune to Google’s cookie crackdown, here’s the list:

  • Mobile Conquesting
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Custom Audience and Lookalike Targeting
  • LinkedIn

So, the proverbial cookie may crumble, but Hallaron Advertising Agency and our media partners keep rolling on. Stay savvy, stay creative, and let’s keep adapting to whatever curveballs the digital world throws our way.

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