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Startup brands or rebrands - Hallaron can show you the way.

Whether it’s your logo, website, or a TV ad – everything begins with your brand. It’s how customers feel about your company. A brand is your reputation and believe it or not you already have one. Relax, we can fix it whether you need to start over with a rebrand or expand your brand beyond just a logo and bad tagline. Hallaron also brands start-up companies.

Branding is important because ultimately, your brand affects why anyone will trust you and buy from YOU! Let’s give them a real reason to buy.

“A brand is an idea attached to a name.”

Bill Schley, NY Times best-selling author, Ted Bates
Worldwide agency veteran, and branding expert

Brand difference.

Every competitor tries to sell features and benefits, but too often you can’t really tell the difference from one company to the next. That’s a shame.

We want to know why your brand exists in the first place and what honestly makes you different from the competition. That’s what your company needs to:

  1. Identify and understand
  2. Focus, redefine, and…
  3. Hammer consistently in all of your communications.

Positioning strategy.

Once we nail down your brand difference, we will create new marketing and advertising campaigns that spread your message over and over again across paid, owned, and earned media. Your new positioning strategy should be simple, memorable and soon become stuck in the minds of customers. The company vision, mission and core values will all spring from your brand positioning

Need an example?

Think of Volvo. They make safe cars. It has been their strategy, message and relentless pursuit for about 100 years.

What will customers think about you in 100 years? 10 years? Next year?

Logo & visual identity.

Your logo is not your brand. It is merely a marker that reminds people of your company and your reputation. Logo design and the visual identity or “look and feel” of your brand should only come after you have defined your brand positioning strategy.

Why? It’s simple. Because colors, words, shapes, typefaces, and symbols all mean something. Our minds are trained to look for shortcuts that make decisions faster. That’s how our brains interpret the world around us, so your visual brand guidelines and style preferences, color codes and more only begins after the strategy is ready for prime time. Anything else is putting the proverbial cart before the horse. Let’s explore your new strategy and visual identity together using Ignite™, our comprehensive diagnostic brand system for success.

Ignite your brand

Reshape your brand with Ignite™