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Ignite your brand

Reshape your brand strategy with Ignite™

If you want your company to grow, you need a plan. Hallaron can deliver that plan with our Ignite methodology. Ignite begins with a deep dive into your marketing, advertising, and sales methods.

Ignite - Start something big

We’ll get together for a workshop where your key stakeholders sit side-by-side with our strategy team. We begin by collecting data, opinions, and insights about your business before our strategy team analyzes and shapes your new brand strategy. The design of your reimagined visual identity, including your new logo, and an activation plan follow.

At Hallaron, we don’t “shoot from the hip.” Through Ignite, we get to know your business first. By asking tough questions and exploring the possibilities, we help define your new brand: positioning, archetype, tone of voice, messages, and a new tagline. Then you watch your business take off.

Topics we explore with Ignite.

  • Diagnosing problems and marketing challenges
  • Identifying company, team, and sales goals
  • The current state of the brand, positioning, and differentiation
  • Sales method, or how you sell your products and services
  • Defining your ideal prospect and identifying their pain points
  • Competitive analysis, market analysis, and conventional industry practices
  • Exploring your claims, features, and benefits
  • Analyzing your marketing strategy

Why should you use Ignite?

  • To build a new brand, or to rebrand your company
  • To shape creative strategy for a new advertising campaign
  • To develop a new marketing strategy
  • To prepare for a product launch / Go-To-Market (GTM) campaign
  • To develop a new logo or brand guidelines for the future

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Retail Manufacturing Client

The workshop was good on collecting inputs/information concerning the current state of our business, brand, customers, market segment, distribution channels, etc..

Sr. VP of Marketing
Oil & Gas client

Hallaron did a great job of asking the right questions but more importantly listening to understand our unique challenges. They did not follow “the script” and adjusted the process after open discussions.

Tech Client

The Hallaron Team and their Ignite program are just what a company needs to get their brand message, look, and story to all align. Having worked with Hallaron in several capacities, I can’t express how impressed I have been with their creative approach, business insight, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile.

Ignite™ - Your brand needs a plan.