If you want to grow, you’re going to need a plan. Hallaron can deliver a clear, new strategy built on key business insights with our Ignite process. Do you need re-branding? A new advertising campaign? How can we shape a winning marketing plan that’s just right for your business? Ignite is the first step wherever your plan takes you.

Ignite - Start something big.

Ignite begins with a deep dive into your marketing, advertising, and sales methods. We’ll get together for a workshop where your key stakeholders sit side-by-side with our strategy team. We’ll collect data and insights about your business. Our team will take everything we learn during Ignite and shape your new marketing strategy to meet the challenges you face today.

At Hallaron, we don’t “shoot from the hip.” Through Ignite, we get to know your business inside and out, first. Then we craft the strategy followed by creative thinking and new ideas to execute the plan. Lastly, we watch your business take off.

Topics we explore with Ignite.

  • Diagnosing problems and marketing challenges
  • Identifying company, team, and sales goals
  • The current state of the brand, positioning, and differentiation
  • Sales method, or how you sell your products and services
  • Defining your ideal prospect and identifying their pain points
  • Competitive analysis, market analysis, and industry conventions
  • Exploring your claims, features, and benefits
  • Analyzing your marketing strategy

Why do you need Ignite?

  • To build a new brand, or to re-brand your company
  • To shape creative strategy for a new advertising campaign
  • To develop a new marketing strategy
  • To prepare for a product launch / Go-To-Market (GTM) campaign
  • To develop a new logo or brand guidelines for the future

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