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Our Beliefs.

“Everything is an ad.”

~ Lee Clow

Lee Clow

As a brand, everything you do is an ad. Every customer experience. Everything you say and do creates a feeling and makes an impression on customers. Will they buy again? Will they tell friends about your product or service? How do they feel when they hear your name or watch one of your ads? It’s all advertising.

The way your retail stores are designed and laid out. Your invoices and ordering system. The color palette you use. The emotions your brand instills. Headlines on your website not to mention the fine print. Videos you share on social media. The way someone answers incoming calls and how customer complaints are handled. Your business cards, brochures, and product catalog. Emails sent by your sales team. The wraps on your company vehicles. Your TV commercials, radio spots, and digital impressions. Everything is important. It all counts.

You have to carve out a clear, consistent brand strategy including your most important message and brand artwork. This strategy is the blueprint for every marketing piece and ad you produce in the future. Once you understand it is all advertising in one way or another, then your new plan can come together. Yeah. You are going to need a plan.

~ Mike Hallaron

Advertising is everywhere.

As technology evolves, digital media, the internet, TV, AI, and mobile have changed how we see ads.

However, the one thing that has never changed is the power of a big idea.

We believe the quality of our creative work is every bit as important as the technology and tools we use to deliver your message. And when the creative is backed by solid strategy, we know that advertising campaigns can cut through the clutter with remarkable ideas that touch people and move them to action.

We are a full-service advertising agency in The Woodlands, Texas, just north of Houston. Hallaron offers an experienced strategic team and a skilled, award-winning creative team working together to build brands, campaigns, websites, and integrated marketing communications solutions that translate into real growth for our clients.

Hallaron Team