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Case Study.

Children's Safe Harbor.

Children's Safe Harbor


There is a palpable difference creating a new brand for a nonprofit that helps abused children find justice, healing and hope. That’s Children’s Safe Harbor. Suddenly the stakes seemed higher than previous client projects because the nature of our work was heavy with emotion. But like the leadership, partners and volunteers at Children’ Safe Harbor, the Hallaron team understood the difficulties and we committed ourselves with stoic resolve; all for the good of these children who deserve so much better.

On the eve of the organization’s massive capital campaign to build a new business home with offices and counseling spaces, Hallaron joined to steer a rebrand aimed at clarifying and expanding the brand strategy and creating a new brand platform including values, positioning, tone of voice, and key brand messages in addition to new identity design elements: a new logo, mood boards, colors and fonts, and fresh art direction. A new brand video would help people encountering Children’s Safe Harbor for the first time understand the mission and collective value of the organization.

To improve and extend its reputation, Children’s Safe Harbor had to change their strategy, including the things it says, the way it speaks and looks, and the way it feels to donors and the wider gifting community.


Hallaron used Ignite, our diagnostic brand methodology to work closely with the client, taking them step-by-step through this discovery process. The executive leadership, board of directors, important donors, key partners and stakeholders participated in initial online surveys, one-on-one interviews, and a half-day workshop to gather facts, opinions, and essential truths. Over several months, the agency came to understand the heart of the organization and the daily tragedies of the hurting children that they help rescue. Hallaron produced:

  • A multi-faceted Brand Strategy based on key insights drawn from the thorough surveys, interviews, and analyses.
  • A breakdown of the customer audiences and their motivations.
  • New messaging, including a new tag line.
  • Brand identity mood boards, color and font treatments and a new logo.
  • A brand video to serve as a showcase for the organization.


The results were applauded from all corners after a much-anticipated internal rollout and launch. Children’s Safe Harbor integrated the new Brand Strategy into its new Strategic Plan after presenting it to the board of directors and important stakeholders. The company also quickly integrated the new brand into their website, collateral, signage, and social media accounts.

  1. A call to action for volunteers and donors, “What can one person do?”
  2. A new visual brand platform just in time for architects and designers crafting a new office and facilities.
  3. A refreshed professional appearance to help build credibility with the public and community partners throughout all marketing communications.


Executive Director Dr. Victoria Constance is a special leader, working small miracles for the past 20 years at Children’s Safe Harbor – all in the name of helping one more abused child find safety and justice before beginning the long road to healing. She believes that no child is broken and all are worth saving with undying hope for a better life. Hallaron was inspired by her and joined her on this quest and it has become a very special, rewarding partnership that we can all feel good about.

Children's Safe Harbor Rebranding