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FTC Invicta

FTC Invicta

A revolution in filtration.

Long-term Hallaron client Filtration Technology Corporation (FTC), a Houston-based filtration and separation products manufacturer, was poised to disrupt their industry with an innovative new technology designed to completely change the game of industrial liquid-solid filtration. As FTC worked to finalize their new design, they turned to Hallaron for help with naming their new product and building a new product brand for them. Invicta™ was born.

Beginning Q3 2018, Hallaron began work on naming and branding FTC’s new Invicta™ line of filters and vessels. New website assets and product brochures reflected the focus on FTC’s new flagship product, and 2019 began with a clear go-to-market (GTM) strategy for the new product debut on June 1.

Creating a brand that stands above the rest.

FTC’s successful launch of its new Invicta™ line included packaging design, press releases, trade journal advertising, case studies, PPC advertising, and a coordinated social media campaign to ensure all the company’s hard work got the attention it deserved. Today, as Hallaron and FTC continue their successful relationship, the company enjoys a raised industry profile and higher sales to go along with it.