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Case Study.

Digital Campaign Old Town Spring

Old Town Spring Shopping

The Challenge.

Old Town Spring is a day-tripper destination with shopping, restaurants, arts, history, and even a nightlife just north of Houston. The old railroad small town feel and homey experience recalls days gone by in rustic Texas. The client represents all of the local merchants and business (150+). The challenge was to attract greater visits from the surrounding Houston suburbs and increase sales among local businesses during the holiday season.

The Strategy.

Hallaron relied on a powerful combination of digital advertising tactics to yield positive results for the holiday period beginning in October and running until mid-December. Targeting was twofold, aiming for specific geographic areas and behavioral types. Old Town Spring enjoys high name recognition among shoppers, women 40+, moms, and household entertainment decision-makers. Hallaron decided that digital ads were the best way to reach this intentional local target audience. Hallaron’s creative team wrote and produced commercials and display ads to serve using these digital platforms:

  • Mobile conquesting with geo-fencing across 79 targeted zip codes
  • Social mirror with Facebook
  • Amazon premium targeting

The Results.

The results were successful and our client was ecstatic. Hallaron’s integrated approach included website updates, new social media content, SEO improvements, and continual monitoring of the digital campaign in near real-time.


This campaign over-performed and was highly successful in driving awareness of Old Town Spring as a day-trip destination brand. Equally as important, mobile tracking of people who saw the ads and then visited Old Town Spring in-person revealed 352 store visitors from the surrounding area who were drawn in by the campaign.

Overall sales for the period increased by 30% YOY for the campaign period.
Old Town Spring Digital Ads
Old Town Spring Digital Ads