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Digital Advertising Platforms.

Political Advertising Strategy, Creative, and Media

Powerful Digital Advertising

In 2021, Hallaron Advertising Agency partnered with Vici Media in Philadelphia, PA to craft custom
digital strategies and advertising campaigns that work for our clients. Hallaron now offers expanded
digital insights and media access to the most desired digital ad channels, including: Amazon, Facebook,
LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, OTT streaming TV, and more.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads

Target customers on these important social media channels across all devices with display or video ads. Use display, video, carousel, reels, and other tactics to advertise your message. Find B2C shoppers on Facebook and Instagram or promote yourself to B2B audiences using LinkedIn.
Display Ads

Display Ads

Display ads appear as boxed branded messages across all devices. Served to your target audience on thousands of websites and apps, they link to landing pages on your website that capture new leads and help you sell more. Good for building brand recognition, display ads are often a cost-effective digital option.
Social Mirror Ads

Social Mirror Ads

Social Mirror Ads perform 7 x better than the average display ad! They are videos or display ads that are served across websites and apps within the wrapper of a social media channel – Facebook, Instagram or even LinkedIn. They leverage the instant recognition of popular social media brands to draw attention.
Native Ads

Native Ads

Native display and native video ads are neatly woven within online articles and popular content your customers read online. Ad targeting strategies include retargeting, behavioral targeting, AI, and keyword targeting, or target customers and prospects from your own email list that you supply to us. (Minimum 3,500 addresses)
OTT Video Ads

OTT Video Ads

Unlike old school broadcast TV, Over-the-Top ads are just like TV commercials but served to popular streaming TV programming. A premium service, 100% of OTT ads are served on Connected TVs – the most desirable inventory. Roku, Sling, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, XBOX 360 and more channels.

Geo-Framing Ads

Capturing mobile phone IDs of attendees at large trade shows, conferences or conventions, we target these people to get your digital ads during the event. Months later after they have returned home, we can track them around the Web and serve them ads again. Geo-framed ads are a great way to advertise to specialized niche target audiences.
Online Audio Ads

Online Audio Ads

Audio ads are served to target online listeners who listen to music, news, and podcasts across all devices, including Smart Speakers like Siri, Echo, and other popular home audio platforms. Hallaron creates your :15 or :30 audio ads. Match with display ads!
Household Targeting Ads

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

DOOH ads appear on 30,000 digital screens in restaurants/bars, retail locations, gyms, airports, malls, movie theaters, office buildings and more. Optimize your campaign with tactics like day-parting, geo-location and cross channel amplification using mobile ads for example for even better brand engagement.

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